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Breast Reconstruction

Table of Contents


  1. Timing
  2. Side of Reconstruction
  3. Method of Reconstruction


With reference to the time of tumor extirpation (mastectomy), reconstruction can be done:

    1. Immediately
      • Performed immediately following mastectomy
    2. Delayed
      • Performed at some point after mastectomy 
      • May be weeks to many years later
    3. Staged
      • Performed in multiple planned stages (i.e. such as placement of tissue expanders to preserve breast shape/size while post-mastectomy radiation is delivered)
    4. Not at all
      • Patients may elect to not undergo reconstruction

Factors that Guide Decision of Reconstruction Timing

  • Need for post-mastectomy radiation

Post-Mastectomy Radiation

  • May not be determined until permanent pathology is finalized
  • Any immediate reconstruction can impair technical feasibility to design and deliver radiation field

Method of Reconstruction

  • Implant based
  • Autologous based
  • Ancillary based

Side of Reconstruction